Looks XS.   Performance XL.

Unreasonably compact for a system this powerful, WDS fits in almost anywhere.






Demand the unreasonable. We do.







Personalize Your Setting

Setting among 24 hours to suit you best to begin your day.  Our software is powerful and easy for both end user and management team. We’ve simplified the setup process so you can configure operation automatically for different application. 


Remove Biofilm Can Be Easier

System automated release ozone into a inline water network for the control water quality and biofilm.  Your WDS is designed to deliver an experience that is simple and easy to use. This is only possible through a combination of advanced technologies and sophisticated engineering. One important technology area is generator performance. WDS generator can be generate ozone instantly and program make device release ozone on time to prevent biofilm growth.


Configuring Dosage

You can change the concentration simply in different application.  Customize concentration in control section so you can quickly change the dosage for the application you do most. 



Forget what you think you know. Unlike any ozone system that have gone before, WDS revolutionary technologies fuse together to deliver remarkable control experience.  You can customize the method of switch on to suit you most. 


Generator Lifespan

You will know when you need to change the consumable and replace a generator takes you only a few minutes.  compared with older generations of generator technology, WDS EOG generator react faster, last longer and have higher decompose power capability for more different application in a lighter package.  

The product is designed for easy integration into existing waterlines featuring automatic and on-demand water sanitation. WDS protects against biofilm growth and pathogens from water supplies. Simply connect the unit to an existing, filtered water input and the system will turn the water into an efficient and safe sanitizer. The process and result are totally chemical free.


It’s hard to beat what BIOSURE is offering

Compare with traditional chemical agents, ozone and hydroxyl radical is more efficient in oxidation. High ability of oxidation power eliminates viruses and bacteria without leaving any residue after sterilization.

WDS applied a revolutionary AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) technology that replaces conventional UV or chemical dosing in post-filtration water and waterline sanitation treatment.

  • Instantly convert water into a powerful natural fungicide (dissolved ozone water).
  • Using a patented membrane electrode to electrolyze the ozone generator, it is indeed a separation of hydrogen and oxygen.
  • Full-time self-monitoring, low maintenance rate, easy maintenance of product performance.
  • Not affected by air quality.
  • Better than traditional UV and corona discharge ozone.


Dissolved Ozone ConcentrationMax. 300 mg/hr
(Depends on operation & flow rate)
Water QualityClean or filtered water. (Recommendation:
filtered to 1um, TDS 60-300 ppm, Hardness
< 180 ppm as CaCO3)
Water FlowMin. 60 LPH (0.26 GPM)
Max. 2300 LPH (10.0 GPM)
Water PressureMin. 0.5 kg/cm2 (8 psi)
Max. 7.0 kg/cm2 (100 psi)
Water Optimal Temp.5°C – 40°C / 41°F – 104°F
Electrical PowerAdaptor Input : AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Adaptor Output : DC 24V, 4A
Electrical Rate96W
Ambient Air Temp.> 0°C – 40°C
( > 32°F – 104°F)
Ambient Air Humidity0-90% non-condensing humidity
Dimensions W x D x H140 x 128.5 x 210.5 mm (5.51” x 5.06” x 8.23”)
Weight Net1.3 kg (2.9 lbs)
Weight Filled1.8 kg (4.0 lbs)
IP ClassIP56
Connections3/4” NPT Water Inlet & Outlet
EOS7177 Series Operation Manuel
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EOS7177PQ WDS Catalogue
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WDS SGS Lab Report – E.Coli
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WDS SGS Lab Report – Plastic Toy
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WDS SGS Lab Report – Human Hand
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WDS SGS Lab Report – Kitchen Cloth
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