Incomparable PERFORMANCE. At All Power Levels.

Biosure OWS is the world’s most advanced water disinfect system, meant for hygiene lovers in search of incredible ozonated disinfection experience. Designed to replace traditional ozone system, OWS delivers all the core elements of generator, dilute system, concentration accumulate system, offgas destruct unit, water flow controller – in a single and compact unit. Biosure engineers have been able to achieve the best performance ever measured, at all ozone purity level. The experience is breathtaking.



Durable Design

Drive into the most advanced ozonated water system in the world. True score of extreme engineering and leading – edge technologies at the service of disinfect application. Biosure systems are constantly pushing beyond to deliver the best performance in any circumstance.  OWS Series are designed for operate 24/7 in an extremely busy working environment, depending on usage and water flow, 1.5inch ozonated water output could support multiple device and faucet.


Control and Self Monitoring 

Control panel demands the same technological know how and material as OWS. Panel assembled with extreme intricacy for total ease of handling.  System is full time self monitoring, It takes you only a minute to know when you need to change the consumable, machine status and operation information.  


Infinitely Upgradable

Choose from 1.2 gram fully dissolving ozone system, dual mode or multi-generator and scale your system according to your individual needs. With infinite configurability and performance that’s constantly pushing beyond, OWS unique fractal architecture meets your every requirement.


Water is the only input and no by product. System performance would not affect by air quality. Compare with traditional corona discharge technology, by cut back the air pump, air dryer, oxygen concentration, mixing system, OWS reduce large amount of piping and connection point. It makes OWS design become smaller size, easy to maintenance and operate, standardized with extendable.


No Nitric Oxides (NOx) & Nitrous Acid

The principle of our patent membrane electrode electrolysis is to produce ozone by separate water into hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Oxygen molecules are excited by high density currents at the anode, and are polymerized into ozone. The whole process not involved nitrogen molecule so would not generate any nitric oxides (NOx) & nitrous acid. Biosure OWS ozonated water does not contain other substances except ozone gas and oxygen, in addition to the high concentration, achieving the advantage of safety and low post treatment cost.


No significant fluctuation in output

Connect municipal water as the only source for generate ozone, Installation location air quality would not significant fluctuation in system output. Air quality, humidity, and flow will not effect the system generate ozone purity. The use of high-purity ozone gas (no nitrogen, less oxygen) can greatly increase the efficiency after mixing, because more effective ozone can be dissolved.



The OWS seamlessly integrates into back-room central water supply of any operation to provide point-of-use water disinfection and maintain optimal water quality through an entire facility. The system requires only municipal tap water for safe and efficient ozonated water production. The OWS can provide ozone sanitized water upto 5,000 liter/hr to multiple output. OWS series can be a comprehensive water disinfection for medical and food facilities, eliminating chemical biocides, biofilm and destroying bacteria, viruses and any other pathogenic organisms in the water supply.

Biosure patented iEOG technology operation and performance is independent of operating environment such as air quality and humidity, which are common causes of failure in traditional corona discharge systems.

OWS series able to integration equipment specifically for use in the laundry industry. We are dedicated to providing customers with complete solution for their laundry needs such as reduce hot water, drying time, textile brighter and fresher.



Engineering Configurations 
System Model NumberOWS-1 (EOS8131-CD)
Ozone Generation SourceWater (municipally treated water)
Principle of SetupCentral, stationary type (Point of Entry, POE)
Start Control MethodFlow start (>200LPH)
Dissolving Method304 Stainless steel self-priming gas-liquid pump
Off-gas handlingBuilt-in thermal catalytic process
Cooling ConfigurationAir cool
IP CodeIP-X2
Noise LevelMax. 60 -65 bB (at 1 m or 3.3 ft)
Dimensions and Weight 
Dimension(WxDxH)550 x 310 x 680 (leg height: 30) mm
Net Weight  (Approx.)50.0 Kg
Packaging Weight(Approx.)65.0 Kg
Location Requirements 
LocationFor use on a hard, level, and stable surface only
Ambient Temperature5 ~ 40°C (41 ~ 104°F)
VentilationMin. 5 air changes per hour
ClearanceMin. 10 cm (4”) clearance around unit
Power Requirements 
Applied Power□ AC 220-240V, 50Hz
□ AC 220-240V, 60Hz
Rated Power900W
Input Water Requirements – iEOG Feed Water 
Pressure2.0 – 7.0 kg/cm2 (28.5 – 99.5 psi)
Flow Rate≥ 500 LPH (2.2 GPM)
Temperature5 ~ 35 °C (41 ~ 95 °F)
Water QualitypH 6~8; Conductivity ≤ 500μs/cm; Chlorine residual ≤ 0.1ppm.
Input Water Requirements – Mixing Water Input 
Pressure3.0 ± 1.0 kg/cm2 (42.7 ± 14.2 psi) 
Flow Rate200 LPH ~ 6000 LPH
Temperature5 ~ 35 °C (41 ~ 95 °F)
Water QualityTap water; Filtered to 0.1mm
Output Water Characteristics 
Output FeatureOzonated water
Flow Capacity200 ~ 6000 LPH (0.44 ~ 17.61 GPM)
Outflow Pressure≤ Input water pressure (max. 4 kg/cm2, 56.9 psi)
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