BioSure’s professional sanitation system creates high concentration ozonated water by electrolyzing pure water. Unlike other ozone generators, Biosure’s products have no NOx by-products and fully comply with OSHA safety standards. The unit fulfills numerous sanitation and hygiene requirment for commercial kitchens, labs, and medical centers. Ozone is the world’s strongest food grade antimicrobial agent. While destroying bacteria and viruses, ozone reverts to oxygen, meaning no chemical residuals and a pure, fresh taste.



Output Features

Ozone WaterOzone Water
Activation methodUpper button Lower button 
0.2s (5min output)0.2s (60min output)
2.0s    (60min output)
Output flow270L/hr (4.5L/min)120L/hr (2.0L/min)
Concentrations6.0~0.5 ppm8.0~1.0 ppm
(Dissolved Ozone)(Dissolved Ozone)
Output pHNeutral (No change to water pH)
Applicable waterTap water that meets quality criteria for drinking water
quality at the source(hardness of <200 ppm CaCO3, residual chlorine of <0.1 ppm, conductivity of <500 μs/cm, pH6.8~8.0)
Applicable incoming2~7kg/cm2 (3kg/cm2 is optimal.)
water pressure
Required voltageAC 100 ~ 240V / 50 ~ 60Hz
Consumed power60W (In standby≤30W)
External dimension300(W) x 165(D) x 400(H) [mm]
Net Weight7.5kg (Around 9.5 kg at a full level)
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