Biolux is not an ordinary water filter, it is a system capable to produce functional water. According to SGS test, Biolux ozonated water can completely kill E-coli, S-aureus, Salmonella, MRSA etc…. in 15 seconds, which is 3000 times of chlorine base bactericidal. After sterilization, it will not cause burden to the environment after sterilization as it reduces into oxygen. 
Biolux hydrogen water with excellent antioxidant capacity directly from hydrogen.  Unlike many other antioxidants, hydrogen water is the best antioxidant to help eliminate free radicals without leaving any burden to your body. 
Output FeaturesHydrogen WaterOzone Water
Activation methodUpper button 0.2s (5min output)Lower button 0.2s (20s output)Lower button 2s (5min output)
Output flow90L/hr (1.5L/min)180L/hr (3.0L/min)
Concentrations1.1~1.2 ppm
(Dissolved Hydrogen)
4.3 ppm
(Dissolved Ozone)
4.3 – 1.0 ppm
(Dissolved Ozone)
ORP-518 ~ -558 mV 
Output pHNeutral (No change to water pH)
Applicable water
quality at the source
Tap water that meets quality criteria for drinking water
(hardness of <200 ppm CaCO3, residual chlorine of <0.1 ppm, conductivity of <500 μs/cm, pH6.8~8.0)
Applicable incoming
water pressure
2~7kg/cm2 (3kg/cm2 is optimal.)
Required voltageAC 100 ~ 240V / 50 ~ 60Hz
Consumed power60W (In standby≤30W)
External dimension300(W) x 165(D) x 400(H) [mm]
Net Weight7.5kg (Around 9.5 kg at a full level)
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