WDS applied a revolutionary AOP (Advanced  Oxidation Process) technology that replaces conventional UV or chemical dosing in post-filtration water and waterline sanitation treatment.

The product is designed for easy integration into existing waterlines featuring automatic and on-demand water sanitation. With water based, electrochemically formed natural sanitizing agents including Dissolved Ozone and Active Chlorine the treatment offers both instant and residual sanitation. It works to protect against pathogens and biofilm formation in water systems.

Exclusive Technology

  • Instantly convert water into a powerful natural fungicide (dissolved ozone water).
  • Using a patented membrane electrode to electrolyze the ozone generator, it is indeed a separation of hydrogen and oxygen.
  • Full-time self-monitoring, low maintenance rate, easy maintenance of product performance.
  • Not affected by air quality.
  • Better than traditional UV and corona discharge ozon
24 Hours Protection 99.999% Kill RateChemical FreeGreen SolutionDollar SavingCompatible Design
Product NameWater Disinfection System (WDS)
Model No.EOS7177PQ
TechnologyElectrolytic Ozone Generation (iEOG)
NOx Level0%
Application• Commercial misting system
• Dental unit waterline
• Laundry system
• Beverage filtered water system
• Toilet flushing water system
Flow Rate60-2280L/hr
Pressure≤ Input water pressure [Max. 7 kg/cm2]
Water Temperature1 – 50 °C (33.8-122 °F )
Water QualityTap water (TDS 60 to 200ppm)
Power SupplyAC 100 -240V, 50/60 Hz
Rated Power80W
Life span500 – 1000hr operation time (based on water quality)
Dimensions (W x D x H)Φ110*H185mm
Weight2.0 kg (net)
Connection3/4″ Inch (in & out)
Drain7×10 (mm) PVC tubing, barbed fitting
Control SignalBuilt-in flow switch
EOS7177 Series Operation Manuel
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EOS7177PQ WDS Catalogue
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WDS SGS Lab Report – E.Coli
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WDS SGS Lab Report – Plastic Toy
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WDS SGS Lab Report – Human Hand
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WDS SGS Lab Report – Kitchen Cloth
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