The OWS seamlessly integrates into back-room central water supply of any operation to provide point-of-use water disinfection and maintain optimal water quality through an entire facility. The system requires only municipal tap water for safe and efficient ozonated water production. The OWS can provide ozone sanitized water upto 5,000 liter/hr to multiple output. OWS series can be a comprehensive water disinfection for medical and food facilities, eliminating chemical biocides, biofilm and destroying bacteria, viruses and any other pathogenic organisms in the water supply.

Biosure patented EOG technology operation and performance is independent of operating environment such as air quality and humidity, which are common causes of failure in traditional corona discharge systems.

OWS series able to integration equipment specifically for use in the laundry industry. We are dedicated to providing customers with complete solution for their laundry needs such as reduce hot water, drying time, textile brighter and fresher.

Output FeaturesOzone Water
Activation methodFlow switch sensor (continue)
Output flow300L/hr (5.0L/min) ~ 5000L/hr (83.3L/min)
Concentrations4.0~0.2 ppm
(Dissolved Ozone)
Output pHNeutral (No change to water pH)
Applicable waterTap water that meets quality criteria for drinking water
quality at the source(hardness of <200 ppm CaCO3, residual chlorine of <0.1 ppm, conductivity of <500 μs/cm, pH6.8~8.0)
Applicable incoming1~3kg/cm2 (3kg/cm2 is optimal.)
water pressure
Required voltage220 ~ 240V / 50 Hz
Consumed power750W (In standby≤30W)
External dimension500(W) x 300(D) x 650(H) [mm]
Net Weight50kg (Around 85 kg at a full level)