Just the right amount of you need


Ice is drinking water

Ice is food and should be treated as such.






Automatic Ice Disinfection System






What ICE is right for you

  • Does not change the taste of ice
  • Does not change water pH



  • Adjustable dosage according to ice machine capacity and water quality


Only IDS

  • Patented Electrolytic Ozone Generation technology
  • NOx free and no other harmful by-products
  • Chemical-free


Why your ice machine need IDS

  • Biofilm and mold prevention
  • Provides Legionella control in healthcare and aged care facilities
  • Maintains ice machine hygiene at all times
  • Sanitizes water, evaporator, basin and food zone
  • Low off-gas meets OSHA standards



  • Eliminates periodic weekly cleaning for cost savings
  • Prolongs regular disinfection cycle
  • Wall-mounted or ice panel-mounted of ice machine
  • No limitation to brands or models 
  • Fully automatic




IDS V.S. Conventional Method

IDS provides continuous and automated disinfection, eliminating potential risks associated with operational intervals in traditional method.



The new 4th generation Ice Disinfection System (”IDS”) from BioSure Professional is not only high performance and reliable. It is now more cost effective with outstanding ROI. Fully automatic sanitation is designed to eliminate hassle routine weekly cleaning and reduces conventional periodic chemical sanitation. Tested by leading independent laboratory for long lasting performance and safety gives professional operator a ”peace of mind”. IDS ensures guarantee pass to internal and external auditing anything. Ensuring ice hygiene can never get more simple and confidence.


Product NameIDS
Model No.EOS7170
TechnologyDirect Electrolytic Ozone Generation (iEOG)
NOx Level0%
Application• Work together with ice machine
• Continuous biofilm removal & prevention in waterlines
• Adjustable dosage according to capacity of ice machine
Capacityone to one
OutputGasHigh purity ozone gas
Production> 40mg/hr
Purity20wt%, Nox free
ConcentrationCirculating water 0.1ppm (no ozone in ice)
Input (Pure Water)QualtiyPure water (conductivity < 10µS/cm)
Volume550mL(0.145US gallon)
Refill methodManual)
Power SupplyAC 100 -240V or 220 -240V, 50/60Hz
Rated Power8W
Working temp1 – 35 °C (33.8 – 95 °F)
Protection ClassIPX2
MaterialsCasing ABS, White
Dimensions (W x D x H)W56 x D225 x H180 (mm)
Weight2 kg (4.4 lb)
BioSure IDS (EOS7170)Download PDF
Operation ManualDownload PDF
BioSure IDS