CDS (Biosure)


Central Disinfection System

The CDS seamlessly integrates into back-room central water supply of any operation to provide point-of-use (POU) water disinfection and maintain optimal water quality through an entire facility.The system requires only municipal tap water and utilizes Biosure’s patented EOG technology for safe and efficient ozonated water production.The CDS can provide ozone sanitized water up to 3,000 litre/hr to multiple outputs, without any other external equipment, including all water taps and faucets.Biosure’s CDS series can be a comprehensive water disinfection program for infection control for medical and food facilities, eliminating chemical biocides and destroying bacteria, viruses and any other pathogenic organisms in the water supply. Biofilm, another common concern in medical water distribution systems, can be eliminated and prevented with ozone’s strong oxidation ability.


Biosure makes the application of ozone in treatment of water supply and the distribution system available and reliable for integration with any existing facility setup.

Low variability with environmental factors
Biosure’s patented EOG technology generates pure, high concentration ozone directly from municipal water purified within our ozone systems. Operation and performance is independent of operating environment factors, such as air quality and humidity, which are common causes of failure in traditional Corona Discharge Systems. (Corona Discharge is the majority type of the traditional ozone generation technology that is known to be highly dependent to the environments for reliable operations).Nitrogen / NOx and associated algae problem
No other substance besides water is used in the generation process. Therefore, only pure ozone is produced, free of any by-products (such as NOx) and without additional substances in the output (such as nitrogen). Any presence of nitrogen promotes microorganisms growth, including algae, which is the main reason for system failure and a significant shortcoming in applications of medical water treatment using traditional Corona Discharge.Easy auto control, optimizing daily self-maintenance & CIP process
Biowell CDS Series’s reliable ozone production and constant dissolution performance, the treatment results are steady and consistent. Once installed, the long lifetime and reliability of the system eliminates the need for frequent maintenance and extra on-site service.


  • Biofilm Removal & Prevention
  • Continuous CIP Disinfection Anytime
  • Supply Water and Distribution System Disinfection
  • Enhanced Qualtity Assurance & Safety of Patient Care
  • High reliability and performance.
  • Easy to read indicator for part replacement.
  • Simple drop-in integration with tap water distribution.
  • Safe compatibility with existing system material and design and installation facility.
  • Immediate and safe destruction of microorganisms without chemicals.
  • Prevents microbial colonization and eliminates biofilm without concern of alteration of water characteristics, such as pH.
  • Superior to UV system


High purity ozone gas generated by the ozone generator is delivered to the dissolving device for dissolution in water and distributed in the supply system. Oxidation starts to take place immediately on microbes, organics, bacteria and viruses.CONTACT & MIXING
Along the pipeline the retention time allows a sufficient contact and mixing. The pipeline is maintained free of bacteria and biofilm.CLEAN-IN-PLACE
Residual ozone is delivered throughout the water distribution system anytime to allow the system and pipeline are free of bacteria and biofilm.



Biofilm formations are a concern for medical facilities because they continuously release bacterial compounds and once formed are resistant to chemical disinfection. Ozone is the most effective method to destroy microorganisms and prevent biofilm. Ozone maintains a risk-free water system without the need of cleaning maintenance service.


Ozone is compatible with the materials regulations and standards of a water supply and distribution system within medical facilities. The benefits of ozone surpass all other POU supply water treatment methods in every aspect. The system provides effective disinfection performance, simplified maintenance, and eliminates associated risks of uneffective and unreliable UV treatments and remaining traces of chemicals.

The system utilizes Biotek’s patented technology to produces ozone, the strongest food grade disinfectant approved by the FDA. Ozone can eliminate 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, molds and chemicals with 50 times the efficiency of chlorine. When integrated with an ice machine, ice harvest is disinfected and free of microorganisms. With the anti-bacterial ice, the ice possesses residual disinfection properties to further inhibit microbial growth. In addition, the attached spray hose will allow convenient ice storage bin disinfection.


Serve sanitized beverages without compromising the flavor with residues to provide uniform quality and brand image. Poor water quality can not only affect the safety of products but also alter the taste profile with undesirable chemicals and by-products.

Laundry in Hotels, Resorts, and Nursing Homes

The system allows significant savings to be achieved by using cold water to wash linens rather than using thermal washing. Laundry operations with large volumes of linen throughput can improve linen quality and lifetime while drastically reducing water heating bills.

Powered by Biotek ozone generation technology, Biosure products have the highest standards in safety and reliability while providing industry leading high purity ozone. Specifically designed to perform in the laundry room environment continuously, reliably, and on-demand, Biosure products provide an improved wash while radically cutting costs.


Biotek’s patented technology is used in all BioSure equipment to generate pure, high concentration ozone directly from tap water. No other substance besides water is used in the electrolysis, so only pure ozone without any harmful by-products (such as NOx) is produced. In addition, Biotek’s new technology uses high pressure nebulization to achieve an even higher ozone dissolution efficiency. The high purity, concentration and dissolution through Biotek’s advanced technology safeguards against ozone dispersion into the atmosphere. Upon contact with odors, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, molds or algae, ozone is immediately converted to oxygen gas.

Various types of existing disinfection systems for ice & beverage
Biotek O3 system Chlorine UV lamp Other O3 system
Advantage Fast DisinfectionElimination of broad spectrum of bacteriaNo toxic by-productsHigh purity of ozone and with by-products (NOx)Generate ozone from tap water with no need for service

The half-life of ozone is prolonged in the ice

OSHA compliant

High industry
acceptanceResidual continuous disinfection
High disinfection rateOSHA compliant Unlimited oxygen in air as ozone generation source
Disadvantage None Ineffective
against virusesDependent on temperature and pHIrritant to skinCarcinogenic
(THMs) producedAlters taste

Efficacy dependent on employee compliance

High cost for
replacement partsShort life spanNo residual disinfectantsRequires additional
pre-treatmentOnly kills bacteria sensitive to specific UV radiation band

Poor peneration

Low ozone purityToxic nitrogen oxides (NOx) and nitric acids
producedHigh energy consumption low concentration and
efficiencyInfluenced by air quality and humidityAdditional external
equipment required

Low reliability

Product Name Central Disinfection System
Model No. CDS
Ozonated Water Flow Rate
Input water pressure: 3.0 kg/cm2
≤ 3000 L/hr
Ozonated Water Concentration
Input water Temperature: 15℃
Ambient Temperature: 20℃
Water Quality:
Conductivity ≤ 500μs/cm
Chlorine ≤ 0.1ppm
6.0-0.2 ppm
Power Supply Voltage □ 100 – 120V, 60/50 Hz □ 200 – 240V, 60/50 Hz
Power Consumption 800 W
Input Water Water Quality Municipal Water
Water Temperature 5-30℃
Water Pressure 1.5 – 3.0 Kg/cm2
Water Flow ≥ 240 L/hr
Environment Ambient Temperature 5-35℃
Appearance Dimension WXDXH 400×700×710 mm
Net Weight 75 Kg
Material Stainless Steel