MDS (Biosure)


Stationary Disinfection System

The BioSure Professional MDS is a cart based ozonated water system offering the most flexibility in setup and use. Connect directly to a system to provide ozonated water or attach the included spray bar to clean surfaces and equipment. Adjustable ozone concentration and flow rate to increase disinfection strength or cleaning efficiency.


– hard surface sanitation

– clean-in-place (CIP)

– direct product sanitation.

Ideal for high risk areas and food areas. Ozone is the most effective and safest disinfectant. It reverts back to oxygen and is residual-free and rinse-free.

1. Plant floors and walls
2. Processing equipment
3. Transfer lines
4. Trays
5. ins
6. Tanks
7. Blenders
8. Conveyors
9. Wet-table equipment

Product Name Mobile Disinfection System
Model No. MDS
Ozonated Water Flow Rate
Input water pressure: 3.0 kg/cm2
400-3000 L/hr
Ozonated Water Concentration
Input water Temperature: 15℃
Ambient Temperature: 20℃
Water Quality:
Conductivity ≤ 500μs/cm
Chlorine ≤ 0.1ppm
6.0 – 0.5 ppm
Ozonated Water Pressure 3.0 Kg/cm2
Power Supply Voltage □ 100 – 120V, 60/50 Hz □ 200 – 240V, 60/50 Hz
Power Consumption 900 W
Input Water Water Quality Municipal Water
Water Temperature 5-30℃
Water Pressure 2.0 – 7.0 Kg/cm2
Water Flow ≥ 3000 L/hr
Environment Ambient Temperature 5-35℃
Appearance Dimension WXDXH 400×1100×930 mm
Net Weight 150 Kg
Material Stainless Steel